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David Chidgey "Festival of Lights"



plural noun

small blocks of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic.

Tesserae Collective is dedicated to bringing chamber music to life in intimate, accessible and interactive experiences. We are a collective of classically trained musicians with a passion for sharing our craft and building a community of musicians and music lovers alike. 


Music is not meant to be confined to a darkened concert hall (*zzz*) with a dress code (fancy pants) and rules (SHH!!!) No! We are here to share our passion with you! And we hope you’ll share your passions with us and other audience members. 


Tesserae are the individual blocks of stone or glass used to create a mosaic. We relate this to the human experience, where each individual possesses its own unique beauty, but the bigger picture only becomes clear through the relationships and interactions of the individuals. In short: Community. 


We strive to build a community through music. We want to introduce you to music you’ve never heard. Play your favorite tune in a completely different way. Listen to your stories and create a place for folks to share a great experience. Because, after all, we’re nothing without each other.


Like what we're doing? Please consider making a donation through our fiscal sponsor, Chamber Music Silicon Valley to show your support! Be sure to specify that your donation is for Tesserae Collective! Click here to donate!

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